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The Brand

Our beautiful bags are handcrafted in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. We work with locals who are excited to use their craft skills in order to earn an income. The main purpose of Moyo-Moyo is to put locals in touch with a global market so they can access a large number of customers and sell items at their true value.

For our customers, Moyo-Moyo provides a way to buy a unique accessory or gift, using African prints to brighten any outfit. It gives the buyer knowledge of the bag’s creator, and confidence that profits will go to the artisans.

All in all, it connects Moyo-Moyo, Swahili for heart to heart.

Follow our journey on Instagram Moyo19, where you can see photos of the whole process from creating to wearing!

Please contact amy@moyomoyo.co.uk if you would like to be a stockist.


The Team

  • amy


    Founder & Designer, London

    Amy runs the virtual life of Moyo-Moyo, including social media and sales.
  • siwema


    Head of Production, Dar Es Salaam

    Siwema creates bags and assists budding artisans to learn how to make Moyo bags.
  • saidi


    Project Manager, Dar Es Salaam

    Saidi manages purchasing and production.
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