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    In The Making

    I thought I would write about the last few months and the process from beginning to end when making a new collection of bags. Saidi and I decided on the 4 different base colours we would use for this batch, and he went to the market to purchase the cotton fabrics and the bright Tanzanian …

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    The Organiser: Saidi

    Saidi was born in 1993 in Dodoma, a city 400km West of Dar Es Salaam. A 7 hour drive, the main highway connects the two cities, passing through a national game park; Mikumi. Here its best to keep your eyes peeled for any of the magnificent wild life you may be lucky enough to see. Saidi’s childhood …

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    Artisan: Meet Mwajuma

    Mwajuma was born in Dar Es Salaam in 1992. After finishing primary school she didn’t continue with a formal education. Instead, her parents put her through a vocational college where she learnt how to sew and tailor clothing. In 2014 she found herself in a sticky situation. She was pregnant without a supportive partner to …

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  • siwemastorypic

    Artisan: Get to know Siwema

    Siwema was born under the tropical sun of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. She grew up in a large family of seven siblings. After completing her first few years of secondary school, she signed up at a vocational college where she learnt her fabulous sewing skills. She moved to Dodoma City where she worked avidly as …

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